Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Move the cursor box and the selection.


Key macro m implements the command move (no arguments).
Key macro Keypad-8 implements the command move n 1
Key macro Keypad-6 implements the command move e 1
(and so forth for all 8 compass rose directions).


move [option]

where option is one of the following:
direction [distance]
Move the selection relative to the original position in the direction direction by an amount distance.
to x y
Move the selection to the coordinate location specified by the coordinate pair x y.


The move command erases the current selection from its current position and moves it according to the command arguments. Without arguments, the lower-left hand corner of the selection is moved to the current cursor position (the X11 cursor, not the magic "cursor box"). With arguments direction and distance, the selection is moved relative to the original in the indicated direction by the indicated amount. The default distance is 1 unit (usually lambda; see distance for further explication).

Implementation Notes:

move is implemented as a built-in magic command.

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