irsim Demo

In magic, label the nodes you want irsim to see. In this exapmle, the magic labels were, in1, in2, output, Vdd, and GND.

In magic, type ext to extract your design into an ext file.

In unix, type ext2sim  file.ext,
to create a sim file (file.sim).

start irsim by typing;
irsim scmos100.prm  file.sim

Figure 1  Irsim analyzer window showing simulation of a 2 input AND gate. The pull down menu base can be used to change the labels on the vector, input, from binary to oct or hex.

For more info look at the irsim man page. It explains more about commands.

The following are the commands given to irsim to produce figure 1.

31 9:26pm leviathan /usr3/daly/top/courses/537/lab.demo irsim scmos100.prm demo.sim
*** IRSIM version 8.6 ***
demo.sim: Ignoring lumped-resistance ('R' construct)
7 nodes; transistors: n-channel=3 p-channel=3
parallel txtors:none
irsim> h Vdd
irsim> l GND
irsim> vector input in1 in2
irsim> clock input 00 01 10 11
irsim> ana in1 output in2 input
irsim> c
time = 400.0ns