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Bipolar Devices

ELE 533
Bipolar Devices
Summer 2002


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June 7, 2002.
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Device physics and computer modeling of bipolar junction devices, p-n junctions, metal semiconductor contacts, heterojunctions, bipolar junction transistors, BJT modeling, small signal equivalent circuits. (Lec. 3) Pre: 331 or permission of instructor.

After completion of this course you will be able to;

  1. Explain the operation of pn junction diodes, bipolar transistors, and metal-semiconductor junctions.
  2. Calculate diode and transistor model parameters based on physical properties.
  3. Design diodes and bipolar transistors to meet specifications.
  4. Derive basic device relationships based on physical principals.

Follow these links for more info,

  • Final Exam Results
  • Mid Term Exam Results
  • Semiconductor properties
  • Physical Constants
  • Minority carrier lifetime in Silicon
  • Carrier mobility in Silicon
  • 97
  • 98
  • Hole current in Si
  • ON Knowledge Base Articles   (Should be accessable from ON.)

  • Lateral pnp Beta vs Size
  • Quasi-saturation
  • Saturating npn Steals Base Current
  • Large Area PNPs Have Low Beta
  • Lateral pnp Saturation
  • Temperature Turns On Transistors