Class Schedule of ELE543,

Each week, there will be 2.5 hours lectures, at least 2 hours of computer programming, two-hour reading and network surfing to learn tools and languages, and one term project.


Exam 1: 20%, Exam 2: 30%, term project: 50% including Proposal presentation: 10%, Project demo and presentation: 20%, and final project report 20%.

Tentative Course Plan

ELE 543 Computer Networks

Week : Topic

  1. Overview and introduction
  2. Basic concepts of networking
  3. Principles of application layer, WWW:HTTP and telnet
  4. Transport Services and principles TCP protocol
  5. Congestion control and latency modeling
  6. Network layer, forwarding and routing, IP routing and IP protocol IP Encapsulation, Fragmenation, and Reassembly
  7. Exam. No. 1: 20% of your grade
  8. Spring Break, no class
  9. Proposal Presentations
  10. Routers, switches, and other network hardware devices, Network layer routing algorithms
  11. Local Area Network, IEEE802.x standards Network Reliability and Security Issues
  12. Exam No.2 (Comprehensive): 30% of your grade
  13. Advanced Topics
  14. Project Demo and Presentations;

    Copyright note: The slides are adopted from the original slides provided by the authors of our text book: Kurose and Ross, Copyright 1996-2018, All rights Reserved