Class Schedule of ELE543,

Each week, there will be 2.5 hours lectures, at least 2 hours of computer programming, two-hour reading and network surfing to learn tools and languages, and one term project.


Exam 1: 30%, term project: 20%, presentation: 10%, final exam 40%.

Tentative Course Plan

ELE 543 Computer Networks

Week : Topic

  1. Sept. 3: Overview and introduction;
  2. Sept. 10: Basic concepts of networking;
  3. Sept. 17: Principles of application layer, WWW:HTTP and telnet;
  4. Sept. 24: Application layer and ZigBee wireless protocol.
  5. Oct. 1: Transport Services and principles, TCP protocol
  6. Oct. 8: First half of the class: Project Proposal Presentations, each student presents his/her project proposal in class for maximal 7 minutes and 3 minutes questions; Second half of the class: Congestion control and latency modeling;
  7. Oct. 15: Network layer, forwarding and routing, IP routing and IP protocol IP Encapsulation, Fragmenation, and Reassembly
  8. Oct. 22: Routers, switches, and other network hardware devices,
  9. Oct. 29: Exam. No. 1: Midterm exam
  10. Nov. 5: Network layer routing algorithms.
  11. Nov. 12: No class, Tuesday classes meet; Moved from Nov 26 to today: Local Area Network, IEEE802.x standards; Network Reliability and Security Issues,
  12. Nov. 19: Project Presentations; Review for Final Exam.
  13. Nov. 26: Class moved to Nov. 12.
  14. Dec. 3: Final Exam

    Copyright note: The slides are adopted from the original slides provided by the authors of our text book: Kurose and Ross, Copyright 1996-2008, All rights Reserved