Department Of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Ramdas Kumaresan


Ph.D. University of Rhode Island, 1982
M.S. University of Rhode Island, 1979
B.E. University of Madras, 1972

Research Interests

Courses Taught

  • ELE435 Communication Systems
  • ELE506 Digital Signal Processing

Contact Information

    # A216 Kelley Hall, East Alumni Avenue
    Kingston, RI 02881-0805,USA.
    Tel. (401)874-4798

Recent Publications

  • Encoding Bandpass Signals Using Level Crossings: A Model-based Approach" Ramdas Kumaresan, Nitesh Panchal, Audio Engineering Society, Oct. 2007.

  • Decomposition of a bandpass signal and its applications to speech processing" Ramdas Kumaresan, Gopi Krishna Allu, Jayaganesh Swaminathan and Yadong Wang , pp.2078-2082, 37-th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, CA, Nov.2003.

  • Average Instantaneous frequencies and average log-envelopes for ASR With the Aurora 2 Database" Yadong Wang, Jesse Hansen, Gopi Krishna Allu and Ramdas Kumaresan, pp.21-25, Proc. Eurospeech 2003, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • On representing signals using only timing information",Ramdas Kumaresan and Yadong Wang, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., November 2002 -- Volume 110, Issue 5, pp. 2421-2439.

  • On the relationship between line spectrum pairs and zero-crossings of band-pass signals", Ramdas Kumaresan and Yadong Wang, IEEE Trans. on Speech and Audio Processing, Volume 9, # 4, pp.458-461, May 2001.

  • On Decomposing Speech into Modulated Components", Ashwin Rao and Ramdas Kumaresan, IEEE Tran. on Speech & Audio Proc., Vol.8, No.3, pp.240-254, May 2000

  • On Minimum/Maximum/All-Pass Decompositions in Time and Frequency Domains", Ramdas Kumaresan, IEEE Tran. on Signal. Proc. Vol.48, No.10, pp.2973-2976, Oct. 2000

  • An Inverse Signal Approach to Computing the Envelope of a Real Valued Signal", Ramdas Kumaresan, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Vol.5, No.10, p256-259, Oct 1998

  • Model-Based Approach to Envelope and Positive Instantaneous Frequency (PIF) of Signals with Speech Applications", Ramdas Kumaresan and Ashwin Rao, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol.105, No.3, pp.1912-1924, March 1999

  • Unique positive FM-AM decomposition of signals'', Ashwin Rao and Ramdas Kumaresan, Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing, Vol.9, pp.411-418, 1998

  • A parametric modeling approach to Hilbert transformation", Ashwin Rao and Ramdas Kumaresan, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Vol.5, pp.15-17, 1998

Previous Graduate Students

  • Jesse Hansen
  • Yadong Wang
  • Gopi Krishna Allu
  • Jayaganesh Swaminathan
  • Wei Li
  • Arun Sundararaman

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