Ying Sun

Major Professor for the Following MS Theses:
  1. Tricia Sarvia. A modeling and simulation software system for biochemical pathways, 2009 (expected).
  2. Jens Kramer. Active motion tracking camera implemented as an embedded system, 2008.
  3. Christoph Keseberg. An electrically modeled reciprocal inhibitory oscillator, 2006.
  4. Sridhar Nori. Software implementation of a mathematical model of the cardiovascular system, 2003.
  5. Xu Han. Active image motion seeking (AIMS) camera system, 2002. 
  6. Guo Yu. Automated detection algorithms for analyzing mitochondria and Z-bands in electron microscopic images of skeletal muscles, 2002.
  7. Biao Gong. Image processing algorithms for the analysis of electron microscopic images of skeletal muscles, 2000.
  8. Frederick Faizon, Computerized analysis of asymmetry in digitized mammograms, 2000.
  9. Viola Rieke. Digital feedback controls of action potentials, 1999. 
  10. Edward Manlove. Morphological filtering and neural net computing for the analysis of X-ray mammograms, 1999.
  11. Kevin Keast. Simulation of data communication networks by use of OPNET, 1999.
  12. Martin Kutter. Optical flow estimation based on wavelet transform, 1996.
  13. Seth Suppappola. Digital QRS detection, 1991.
  14. Dane Kottke. Parallel distributed processing of coronary angiograms, 1988. 
  15. Anthony Mo. Mathematical modeling of the coronary venous circulation, 1988.
  16. Eric Bergerson. Three dimensional reconstruction of coronary tree-like structures from two orthogonal views, 1988.
  17. Tienfu Wu. Segmentation and analysis of coronary artery structures from a single-view angiogram, 1987.