Sonar Receiver

This Project involves  synthesis and the implementation of a  sonar receiver intended for obstacle detection and collission avoidance. A sonar system consists of an array of hydrophones which are partially or completely submerged in water. A large number of receivers have to be used to detect these signals. Hence the receiver should not only be sensitive but also cost efficient.
We use a 1-bit delta sigma modulator as an analog to digital converter because of the high dynamic range of the pulse density modulated(PDM) output and ease of implementation.Thereafter instead of using expensive, high Q and thus very sensitive band-pass filters, we adopt multirate filtering techniques by using sub-sampling mixers or modulators and lowpass filters. The lowpass/decimator is split into two stages, hence providing a wide-band as well as narrow-band output.

Sonar Receiver Chip

Sonar Receiver Chip


Chip Mounted on a Printed Circuit Board

Test Board

Setup for Testing the Chip

Test Setup

Development Team:

  • G. Fischer

  • Alan Davis

  • Roger Meier

  • Prasan Kasturi

  • Xiodan Wang