Class Schedule of ELE547, Fall 2017

Course Requirements

Each week, there will be 2.5 hours lectures, at least 2 hours of experiment on embedded systems, two-hour reading and network surfing to learn tools and languages, and one term project.


Four Lab experiments: 20%; Exam: 30%, term project: 30%, two presentations (1 proposal and 1 final demo): 10% each.

Tentative Course Plan of Fall 2017

ELE 547: Embedded Computer Systems and Applications

Week : Topic

  1. Overview and introduction;
  2. Basic organization of embedded computer systems;
  3. CPU and Memory Structures of Embedded Computers;
  4. Interrupt handling, DMA: Direct Memory Access
  5. Serial Communication Interface;
  6. Error Correction Codes, Linear Code;
  7. Error Correction Codes, LDPC Code, CRC Design;
  8. Flash Memory Structure and its Controller;
  9. Cache memory structures: mapping, replacement, write policies, cache coherence protocols.
  10. (Nov. 10): Proposal Presentations: Each student presents their project plan within 25 minutes 10% of grade;
  11. (Friday, Nov. 17): Exam. CRC Template
  12. Big data applications and cloud computing; For review slides, click here.
  13. Big data applications and cloud computing;
  14. Advanced Topics;
  15. (Dec. 8): Final Project Presentation and Demonstration; Final neProject Report Due.