The First BARC Puzzler Contest

Description and Rules:
The object of the Puzzler Contest is to decode the message represented by the 1's and 0's wrapped around the target above. The original message consists of English text, including names. Spaces between words and any sentences have been removed. The beginning and end of the message are unspecified. Every digit is part of the message. An unwrapped and copyable version of the coded message follows (any of the ends of the following text do not necessarily correspond to the beginning or end of the original message):

11111001010111110100010101111110010111011111111001011100 11110111111011110111110101011110111000110111001000000011 11001101111011110101010111001111001111001111001110010110

There are two parts to the Puzzler:
1) Determine the original message.
2) Determine the original encoding process.

The first group of people (consisting of any number of people, from one on up) solving 1) and the first group solving 2) will each win a prize. Both prizes may be won by the same group. (That's one or two prizes per GROUP, en toto! (NOT per person.)

Each prize will consist of an appropriately gaudy personalized certificate and a surprise-prize.

The Organizers or members of any of the Workshop committees are ineligible for the prizes. All URI faculty, staff and students are also ineligible for the prizes.

(However, ANYONE other than Gus Uht and the other officers of AKULAB, Inc. may submit a solution(s); any of those with a correct answer will be so recognized.)

Entries should be emailed to Gus Uht: (note the different email address). Entries must be received by Noon February 1, 2006 (two days before the workshop). All of the members of the group must be listed in the submission. No one may be a member of more than one group.

The Winner(s) and successful decoders will be announced at the end of the Workshop on Feb. 3, 2006. Winners must be present to receive the prizes.

Good luck!

The puzzler contest is sponsored by AKULAB, Inc. located in Cumberland, RI.
(Gus Uht is an Officer of the corporation.)