The PatternFinder: A Tool for Discovering Patterns


The PatternFinder is a generalized pattern analysis tool. Although it can be used by a broad community, it is targeted for researchers in computer architecture and systems as it can be used for quantitatively analyzing a program's behavior in terms of regularities and patterns.


This project is supported by NSF grant, SHF #1422516.


The open-source PatternFinder tool will be released at this website. Please check back soon. You may access the current PatternFinder code base if you are interested in testing the tool. We appreciate the feedback.


Recent Documents:

·      An Analysis of Address and Branch Patterns using PatternFinder, Ozturk et al., IISWC 2014: Describes the preliminary results obtained using the preliminary version of the pattern tool that we developed in the first year for analyzing memory address and branch outcome patterns.

·      Multi-Threaded Pattern Searching of Large Files Using Limited Memory, Peter Morley, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 2017. DigitalCommons @ URI.

·      PatternFinder Manual: Current status of the pattern tool, input options, how to use, etc. (Dec 2017)




Prof. Resit Sendag (



Mustafa Cavus, PhD student

Ibrahim Burak Karsli, PhD student

Peter Morley, MS student

Wei Wang, PhD student