Ying Sun – Patents

Issued Patents
  1. Salisbury JI, Sun Y. Systems and methods for sleep apnea detection from breathing sounds. US 9,345,432 B2, May 24, 2016.
  2. Sun Y, Rieger R. Apparatus for memristor/neuron emulation and testing. US 8,990,137 B2, March 24, 2015.
  3. Sun Y, Vetter FJ, Dong R, Chiaramida SA. Integrated finite element and circulatory model for predicting hemodynamic effects of left ventricular impairment, resynchronization and remodeling. US 8,295,907 B2, October 23, 2012.
  4. Sun Y, Wu J, DiCecco J, Hill RB. Processor controlled voltage-current analysis of nerve and muscle tissues. US 8,000,783 B2, August 16, 2011.
  5. Sun Y, Wu J, Collis L, Hill RB. Apparatus for neuromuscular measurement and control. US 7,489,965 B2, February 10, 2009.
  6. Sun Y, Haley KJ, Lachance K-A, Pinock K. Pneumatic demultiplexer for controlling multiple assistive technology devices. US 6,833,786 B1, December 21, 2004.
  7. Sun Y. Method and apparatus for three-dimensional video signals. US 5,333,165, July 26, 1994.
Patent Applications
  1. Sun Y, Brian Silver, Tanya Wang. Time-varying magnetic field therapy using multistable latching mechanisms. Patent application no. US 2018/0078780 A1, Mar. 22, 2018.
  2. Mona Boudreaux, Sun Y, G. Faye Boudreaux-Bartels. Method and apparatus for simulating the wrist pulse patterns for pulse diagnosis. Patent application no. US 2017/0303805 A1, Oct. 26, 2017.
  3. Sun Y, Scouten C. Methods and apparatus for measuring electrical properties of cells. Patent application no. US 2015/0308973, Oct. 29, 2015.
  4. Sun Y, Cheng A. Method and apparatus for extending service life of a battery source. Patent Application no. US 2015/0155736 A1, Jun. 4, 2015.
  5. Sun Y, Alphonse B, Spiewak A, Walder E. Apparatus for acoustic measurements of physiological signals with automated interface controls. Patent Application no. US 2014/0276150 A1, Sep. 18,2014.
  6. Burbank PM, Sun Y. Activity monitor and analyzer with voice direction for exercise. Patent application no. US 2013/0130213 A1, May 23, 2013.
  7. Sun Y, Han X, Guo Y. Camera control system to follow moving objects. Patent application no. US 2010/0245589 A1, Sep. 30, 2010.
  8. Tillinghast AC, Hanumara NC, Abueg EM, Coughlin JJ, Malaghan TF, Koenig O, Jouaneh MK, Comerford RA, Sun Y. Automated page turner. Patent application no. US 2005/0230592 A1, Oct. 20, 2005.
  9. Sun Y, Duquette MA, Ducharme AT, Kanor SE. Wearable switch method and apparatus for people with limited mobility. Patent application no. US 2003/0079973 A1, May 1, 2003.