1. Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP) and Supercomputing
  2. Adaptive Computing and Underclocking
  3. Network Security and Wireless Communications

Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP) and Supercomputing:
Projects Publications

A. K. Uht, "Teradactyl: An Easy-to-Use Supercomputer," January 30, 2004.

A. K. Uht, A. Khalafi, D. Morano, and D. R. Kaeli, "Levo - A Scalable Processor With High IPC," Spring, 2003.

A. K. Uht, A. Khalafi, D. Morano, M. de A., and D. R. Kaeli, "Realizing High IPC Using Time-Tagged Resource-Flow Computing: Levo," August 28, 2002.

A. K. Uht, S. Langford, and D. Morano, "Interactive High-Performance Processor Understanding Via the Web: LevoVis," January 23, 2002.

Adaptive Computing and Underclocking:
Projects Publications

A. K. Uht and R. J. Vaccaro, "TEAPC: Adaptive Computing and Underclocking in a Real PC," October 6, 2004.

A. K. Uht, "TEAtime: Timing Error Avoidance for Performance Enhancement and Environment Adaptation," Spring, 2003.

Network Security and Wireless Communications:
Projects Publications


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