Class Schedule of ELE403G, Spring 2019

Course Requirements

Each week, there will be 2.5 hours lectures, at least 2 hours of self study: reading and network surfing to learn practical cases of tech startups, and 2 hours doing homeworks.


Class participation, Class performance, Exercises, and Quizzes: 20%; Exam: 30%; Term BP project: 20%; Two presentations (1 proposal and 1 final BP presentation): 15% each.

Tentative Course Plan of Spring 2019

ELE403G: Launcing a Technology Startup

Week : Topic

  1. Jan. 28: Overview and introduction;
  2. Feb. 4: Basic computer technologies: hardware and software, Computer applications, and computer networking;
  3. Feb. 11: Searching for Innovations, Inventions, and Opportunities. Case studies of tech startups; Seminar/lectures on the ethical theories of utilitarianism, duty-ethics, rights-ethics and Professional Ethics will be given by Professor Douglass Reed from the URI Department of Philosophy.
  4. Feb. 18: Recognizing and shaping opportunities.
  5. Feb. 25: Communication skills and making impressive business presentations;
  6. March 4: Building your venture team: co-founders, executives, directors, and employees. Case studies;
  7. March 11: Spring break, no class;
  8. March 18: Business models and writing a business plan. Case studies;
  9. March 25: Proposal presentations, each student will prepare a PPT and present in the class;
  10. April 1: Financing a new venture, Angel, VCs, and other sources of funding;
  11. April 8: Advanced communication skills and assessment;
  12. APril 15: Marketing, sales, OEM, exit strategies, etc.;
  13. April 22: Midterm Exam;
  14. April 29: Final project presentations