Requirements for Homework and Project Reports

  1. Proposal due: Oct. 16th
  2. Proposal Presentation (homework1): Oct. 18th (5 minutes each person)
  3. Implementation done: Nov. 20th
  4. Presentation and Demo: Nov. 29th and Dec. 4th
  • Students are expected to hand in homework and report on or before due dates. Late submissions are acceptable with late penalties. The penalty is 10% deduction of the total grade for the homework for each business day after the due date. In other word, if the submission is 10 business days late, there will be no credit for that particular homework/report.
  • Each student is expected to submit his/her own homework/report independently even the project is a team work. Copy is not allowed and will result in an F grade for the course.
  • Project report format:
    1. Introduction: state clearly the motivation, state-of-the-art in the field, objectives, specific problems to be solved, and brief description of your results.
    2. Design and Plan: state clearly your approaches to solving the problems, detailed designs, trade-offs, justification of your approach, and detailed steps/milestones of your plan. One very important thing in this section is what knowledges that you have learned in this class (from slides, book, class notes) are applied in your project.
    3. Implementation details: describe how you implemented your designs, how you achieved your milestones in your plan, and working and nonworking parts of your design.
    4. Results and discussions: present in this section your results and your observations. Describe your results and compare with existing or other solutions to the same problem you are addressing. Have you come to any specific conclusions? Is there any difference? What have your learned from this project.
    5. If this is a team work, describe in this section who your partners are. What are the specific roles each of your partner played in the project besides your work described in Sections 1 through 4 of this report.
    6. The total length of your report should not exceed 4 pages with font size of 10pt.
  • Homework No. 1: Write a proposal for your term project. It is accounted for 10% of the final grade. Final due date for makeup report following the above format: 9AM, Nov. 29th, 2012. Late penalty applies from this date.

  • Term Project Report: It is accounted for 10% of the final grade. Final due date for complete report of your project: 9AM Nov. 29,2012.
  • Powerpoint presentation of the project is due 9am, Nov. 29, 2012.

    Please send your comments to Dr. Qing Yang