Class Schedule of ELE547, Fall 2019

Course Requirements

Each week, there will be 2.5 hours lectures, at least 3 hours of experiments on embedded systems, two-hour reading and network surfing to learn tools and languages, and one term project.


Two Lab experiments: 10%; Exam: 30%, term project: 45%, three presentations (1 proposal, 1 progress report, and 1 final demo): 15% total.

Tentative Course Plan of Fall 2019

ELE 547: Embedded Computer Systems and Applications

Week : Topic

  1. Overview and introduction; ( For lecture notes, click here )
  2. Basic organization of embedded computer systems: CPU, Memory,GPIO (General Purpose I/O); Starting Lab #1. ( For lecture notes, click here )
  3. Interrupt handling, DMA: Direct Memory Access; (Lab #1 report due); Starting assembling Autonomous Car. ( For lecture notes, click here )
  4. General Purpose Timer; (Car Assembly Due); Starting Lab #2. ( For lecture notes, click here )
  5. Serial Communication Interface; (Lab #2 Report Due); Starting proposal presentation. ( For lecture notes, click here )
  6. Proposal Presentation: each student will present his/her car design and project plan in 10 minutes. (For Project Guidelines click here)
  7. AD/DA conversions; ( For lecture notes, click here )
  8. Cache memory structures: mapping, replacement, write policies, cache coherence protocols. ( For lecture notes, click here )
  9. (Nov. 4): Exam.
  10. Advanced Topics.
  11. Project Progress Reports and Discussions: each student will present progress, issues, and solutions in 10 minutes.
  12. Embedded computer systems and their applications in Big Data.
  13. First run of you car in the lab following a line.
  14. (Dec. 9) Final demonstration and presentation of your projects. (Project reports due). (For Project Guidelines click here)