Class Schedule of ELE548,
For Spring, 2009

There will be one lecture each week on Wednesday between 6pm and 8:45pm; at least one hour reading and network surfing to learn tools and languages; and one term project.


Exam 1 (midterm exam): accounts for 30% of the total grade;
Project: accounts for 30% of the total grade;
Presentation: accounts for 10% of the total grade.
Final Exam: accounts for 30% of the total grade.

  • Lectures: 6:00pm--- 8:45pm, Wednesday.
  • Location: CCRI Newport

    Tentative Course Plan for the Spring Semester of 2009

    Class Date Topics Covered
    Feb. 4: Overview, introduction, and basic concepts of computer architecture;
    Feb. 11: Instruction Level Parallelism I
    Feb. 18: Instruction Level Parallelism I
    Feb 25: Limits on Instruction Level Parallelism
    March 4: Memory Hierarchy Concepts I
    March 11: Memory Hierarchy Concepts II
    March 18: No class, Spring Break
    March 25: Midterm Exam. Multiprocessors
    April 1: Project proposal Presentation; Multiprocessor architectures
    April 8: Multiprocessor architectures
    April 15: Data Storage Architectures I
    April 22: Data Storage Architectures II
    April 29: Project presentations
    May 6: Final Exam