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Levo is a high Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP) prototype machine being developed at the University of Rhode Island by Prof. A. K. Uht and his students. The target degree of ILP of Levo is a factor of 20 times. This is to be achieved via the use of the new optimal speculative execution technique of Disjoint Eager Execution (DEE). Simulations of an abstract DEE model, also realizing minimal control dependencies, and with limited resources, have shown that speedups of factors of 25 to 31 (2,400% to 3,000%) are possible from the SPECint92 benchmarks. Levo also realizes minimal data dependencies (both register and memory), and does not require the recompilation of code to be used; arbitrary instruction sets may be realized.

See the DEE Tutorial for an introduction to Disjoint Eager Execution, and the MCD Tutorial for an introduction to Minimal Control Dependencies.

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