Netlist tool

A useful tool is the netlist tool

This tool easily labels nodes. Here we used it to label the counter output nodes X3, X2, X1 and X0. To use this tool;
  • Open the netlist window by typing; ;specialopen netlist
  • Click on the label entry box in the netlist window.
  • Type in one of the labels followed by a blank line. Here we typed in x0
  • Select the node.
  • Select one of the nine boxes in the array of boxes in the netlist window. We choose the box with the + in it. This placed the label x0 in the center of the selected box.
  • To index the label up to x1, select the proper box in the netlist window. Index up with the right button and down with the left. Double subscripts are allowed. You could have a label like output35 where you could independently increment or decrement the 3 and the 5 to create a new label.
  • Here are some of the keystrokes. Starting at the magic prompt.
    Magic 6.4.4 - Compiled on Tue Oct 11 19:12:59 EDT 1994.
    CAD_HOME set, pretending that "~cad" is located at "/orca3/cad/sun4cad".
    Using technology "scmos"
    Unable to allocate 7 planes in default colormap; making a new one.
    Extraction style is now "SCN20(VTI)"
    Warning -- cell counter3 not writable
    :specialopen netlist
    Enter labels, one per line, terminated by a blank line:
    Warning -- cell nor not writable
    Warning -- cell nand not writable
    Warning -- cell inv not writable
    Warning -- cell tff3 not writable
    Moving label "x0" from space to metal1 in cell counter3.
    Can't decrement past zero.
    Moving label "x1" from space to metal1 in cell counter3.
    Moving label "x2" from space to metal1 in cell counter3.