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Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture

Catalog Description

Modern high-performance computer structures, parallel and distributed hardwares and softwares, instruction level parallelism, memory hierarchy, fault tolerant computing, and future generation computers.

  • It is offerred by The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Number of Credits: 3.

  • Prerequisite: Ele548, Knowledge in computer architecture, or permision of the instructor.

  • Instructor: Prof. Qing Yang, who initiated the course.

  • Text book: Current computer architecture literature including but not limited to:

    Course Plan for the Fall Semester of 2011

    Virtualization and cloud computing have emerged as the key technologies in the information age. There is a great demand for engineers with expertise in virtual machine architectures and cloud computing in the industry. In order to offer URI students the opportunities to learn the most to date computer technologies, this course will cover virtual machine concepts, architectures, designs, program development, and their applications in cloud computing.

    1. Topics Covered in this course
    2. There will be two homework projects for this course, each accounts for 50% of the total grade.
    3. Homework #1
    4. Homework #2

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