Term Project of ELE437,
Computer Communications

  • You may pick up one project from the following possible topics developed on the Gumstix Bluetooth system:
    1. Implement a wireless chatting application
    2. Implement any socket program app on two Gumstix boards
    3. Implement a multimedia network application program on top of Gumstix using Bluetooth
    4. Implement a clustered applications on a network Gumstix
    5. Implement a security application on Bluetooth
    6. Implement a autmatic home appliance system using Bluetooth
    7. Implement a wireless comm system for automobile
    8. Implement a wireless controlled toy

  • Time Line:
    1. Proposal due: Oct. 16th
    2. Proposal Presentation (homework1): Oct. 18th (5 minutes each person)
    3. Implementation done: Nov. 20th
    4. Presentation and Demo: Nov. 29th and Dec. 4th
  • Requirements for homework and project reports can be found here.
  • Details of one example project:
  • Title: Wireless Chat Program

  • Objectives: Implement a simple chat program on two Gumstix boards using Bluetooth wireless communication

  • Basic Requirements: Two bluetooth boards should be able to set a communication channel using wireless protocol. Any one board can initiate a chat connection. The chat interface should be user friendly and and easy to use. Additional features such as security, file transfer, alarm, audio, online/offline indication, and multiuser conferencing etc.

  • Team Work: You may form a project team of 2 or 3 persons working on different parts of the project.

    1. Computer Facilities in Department or Electrical and Computer Engineering

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