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Computer Architecture

Catalog Description

Classification and taxonomy of computer architectures. RISC vs. CISC. Cache and virtual memory systems. Pipeline and vector processors. Multi-processor and multi-computer systems. Interprocessor communication networks. Dataflow machines. Parallel processing languages. (4 credits)

  • It is offerred by The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Number of Credits: 4.

  • Prerequisite: Ele408, Knowledge in computer architecture, and good programming skill.

  • Instructor: Prof.Ken Q. Yang,

  • Text book: "Computer Architecture A Quantatitive Approach" 4th edition,
    By John L. Hennessy and David A. Patterson
  • Current computer architecture literature.

    Course Plan for the Fall Semester of 2009

    1. For topics Covered in this course and class schedules, please click here
    2. There will be two exams, two presentations, and one term project.
      Exam 1 (midterm exam): accounts for 30% of the total grade;
      Term Project: accounts for 30% of the total grade;
      Presentations account for 10% of the total grade.
      Final Exam account for 30% of the total grade.

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