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  • Qing (Ken) Yang: Director, Distinguished Engineering Professor, qyang@ele.uri.edu;
  • Jien-Chung Lo: Professor, jcl@ele.uri.edu;
  • Augustus K. Uht: Research Professor, uht@ele.uri.edu;
  • Yan Lindsay Sun : Assistant Professor, yansun@ele.uri.edu;
  • Yiming Hu, Ming Zhang, Xubin He, Weijun Xiao, Jin Ren, Tim Parys, Yinan Liu, Michael Smith


  • Download Block Level Unlimited Versioning System Demo Here
  • Download the TRAP demo program. The program is a working iSCSI target for Windows with Continuous Data Protection functionality
  • What does "TRAP" stand for? It is an abbreviation of "Timely Recovery to Any Point-in-time"
    The Following are a few papers explaining TRAP in detail:
  • "TRAP-Array: A Disk Array Architecture Providing Timely Recovery to Any Point-in -time" in The 33rd Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 2006 (ISCA' 06). Qing Yang, Weijun Xiao, and Jin Ren (Copyright IEEE)
  • "PRINS: Optimizing Performance of Reliable Internet Storages" The 26th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, Lisbon, Port ugal, 2006. (ICDCS'06). Qing Yang, Weijun Xiao, and Jin Ren
  • "Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Two Snapshot Methods on iSCSI Target Storages," In NASA/IEEE MSST2006, Weijun Xiao, Yinan Liu, Qing (Ken) Yang, Jin Ren and Changsheng Xie (Copyright IEEE)
  • Source code for the snapshot implementation.

  • The CAT cache is a new cache orgainization invented by the research group led by Prof. Yang. The main advantage of this cache structure is that it saves chip area for implementing cache tags by an order of magnitude.
  • The Prime-mapped Cache is a new cache organization for vector processing. It minimizes cache misses caused by line conflicts. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, No. 5,379,393

  • The DCD Project

    DCD is a new hard disk drive structure that improves write performance of current state-of-the-art disks by 200 times, YES, 200 times not 200%! The US patent for this new technology was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, No. 5,754,888 in September 1997.


    RAPID Cache is a new disk cache structure for RAID systems. It reduces system cost, increases throughput and reliability of RAID systems. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, No. 6,243,795, June 5th, 2001.

  • ``STICS-----SCSI-To-IP Cache Storage"

  • Network Research
  • ETAN Grant Challenge!

    We run the ETAN Rating Grant Challenge from April 25, 2007 to July 15, 2007. The ETAN Rating Challenge seeks smart and powerful attacks against on-line rating systems. If you can mislead the rating system more than other participating teams, you win the cash prizes and winner certificate. The attacking data provided by you will be used to evaluate existing algorithms, and help us to design more reliable on-line rating systems. Why participate? Cash, Fame, Good Cause, and Having Fun!

  • Apache Web Server Study

    As part of joint research program with IBM, we have studied the most popular web server: Apache. Several performance enhancements have been proposed.

  • Parallel/Distributed Processing (ANTS)

    Fault Tolerant Computing

    Order of magnitude ILP (Instruction Level Parallelism): the Levo high-performance uniprocessor.
    Also see DEE Tutorial for how this is done.



    National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, Intel Corp and IBM Corp.


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