IEEE SSCI 2014 Doctoral Consortium

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doctoral consortium

The objective of this Doctoral Consortium is to provide an opportunity for Ph.D. students to discuss their dissertation research topics, research plans, and research methodologies in a supportive environment with peers in the community. The feedback, advice, and guidance will be invaluable to Ph.D. students in supporting their current and future research in computational intelligence and their future careers.There are dedicated financial support for selected Ph.D. students to attend this Doctoral Consortium.

The Doctoral Consortium will run in conjunction with the IEEE SSCI 2014 conference. Ph.D. students are invited to make a submission to the Doctoral Consortium.

Submission Instructions

The following items are required in a single PDF file that is to be submitted through the same portal as papers for SSCI. The file should contain all of the following items:

1. Cover sheet that includes:

  • Full name
  • Affiliation and email address
  • Expected graduation date
  • Thesis advisor's full name, title, affiliation and email address
  • Title of research
  • List of up to 5 keywords to help select reviewers for the application

2. Summary of Ph.D. research

The summary is an extended abstract that will inform the reader what your Ph.D. thesis is about. The summary is intended for non-experts and experts, so there should be easy to understand at a high level, but also contain low levels details for experts. The IEEE conference file format should be used, which is double-column format. The summary is a maximum of 2 pages.

The summary should contain the following contents:

  • Title of research
  • Name, affiliation, and email address
  • Research question and significance
  • Important literature
  • Proposed research methodology
  • Preliminary results
  • Future research plan
  • Reference list (maximum 1 page, and this Reference List page is NOT counted toward the 2-page limit)

3. CV

The CV should be written for either an academic or an industry position.

4. Letter of support

A letter of support from your Ph.D. Supervisor or other faculty member is required.

5. Confirmation letter of Ph.D. student status

An official letter from your Advisor or Department Chair confirming that you are registered on a Ph.D. programme at your university is required.

6. Submission Instruction for the Doctoral Consortium:

When you are ready to submit your Doctoral Consortium application package (one single PDF file with all the required sections), please click the "Paper Submission" link from the left panel, and then go to "Click here to go to Paper Submission webpage." Once you are at the submission webpage, please make sure you select the "DC. Doctoral Consortium" as the main research topic. The deadline of the DC submission is the same as the general conference paper submission.

Review process

All submissions will be evaluated on originality, significance, correctness, and clarity.

Key dates

The submission and notification dates are the same as the paper submission and notification dates for IEEE SSCI 2014


Submissions are invited from those who will be registered on a Ph.D. programme during the IEEE SSCI 2014 dates (i.e., December 12, 2014).

Financial Support

In addition to CIS Student travel grants to attend SSCI, there will be separate financial support for selected students at this Doctoral Consortium.


The final schedule will be announced together with the SSCI 2014 Program Schedule. The tentative schedule includes Ph.D. student presentations, a workshop/training session, and a social and networking event.

DC Program

The Doctoral Consortium is scheduled from Wednesday morning through Thursday afternoon. The activities include a keynote talk, 5 oral sessions, and a DC social event. All DC students are required to attend the DC keynote talk and the DC social event, and are strongly encouraged to attend all the oral sessions if there are no conflicted activities. Other Ph.D. students and researchers who do not have a DC presentation are also encouraged to attend the DC.

Location: Room Curacao 7

New! DC program can be found here!




Stephen G. Matthews

Newcastle University, UK


Xiaorong Zhang

San Francisco State University, USA.


Demetrios G. Eliades

 University of Cyprus, Cyprus



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