Special Sessions

ADPRL(Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning)

CIBD (Computational Intelligence in Big Data)

CIBIM (Computational Intelligence in Biometrics and Identity Management)

CICARE ( Computational Intelligence in healthcare and e-health )

CIComms ( Computational Intelligence for Communication Systems and Networks )

CICS ( Computational Intelligence in Cyber Security )

CIDM (Computational Intelligence and Data Mining)

CIHLI (Computational Intelligence for Human-like Intelligence)

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CIMSIVP ( Computational Intelligence for Multimedia, Signal and Vision Processing )

CIPLS ( Computational Intelligence in Production and Logistics Systems )

CIVTS ( Computational Intelligence in Vehicles and Transportation Systems )

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EALS ( Evolving and Automomous Learning Systems )

IA ( Intelligent Agents )

ICES ( Evolvable Systems (ICES) From Biology to Hardware (and back!) )

MCDM ( Multicriteria Decision-Making )

RiiSS( Robotic Intelligence in Informationally Structured Space )

SIS (Swarm Intelligence Symposium)


IEEE SSCI 2014 Symposia



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