Class Schedule of ELE437,
For Fall, 2012

Each week, there will be two lectures, two-hour reading and network surfing to learn tools and languages, one homework and one term project.


Exam 1: 20%, Exam 2: 20%, Homework and term project: 10% each (total 20%), class performance (qizzes) and presentations: 10%, final exam 30%.

  • Grades and Points. Student grades are reported as A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, and F. The unqualified letter grades represent the following standing: A, superior; B, good; C, fair; D, low grade, passing; F, failure.
  • Grades are given based grade point values as follows: A, 4.00 points; A-, 3.70 points; B+, 3.30 points; B, 3.00 points; B-, 2.70 points; C+, 2.30 points; C, 2.00 points; C-, 1.70 points; D+, 1.30 points; D, 1.00 points; F, 0 points.
  • Requirements for homework and project reports.
  • Lectures: 9:30AM --- 10:45AM Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Location: Kelley 102.

    Tentative Course Plan for the Fall Semester of 2012

    ELE 437 Computer Communications

    Weeks and Topics

    1. Overview,
      and basic concepts of networking;

    2. Principles of application layer,
      Networked Data Storage,
    3. Wireless Communication,
      Deleloping wireless applications,
      Introduction to Gumstix boards
    4. Transport Services and principles, TCP protocol

    5. Midterm exam 1 Oct. 4th, between 9:30am and 10:45am: Exam 1
    6. Transport Protocol, Reliable data transfer
      TCP Protocol
      Congestion control, and Latency modeling.
    7. Oct 18th: Homework 1 Due and presentation of project proposal
    8. Network layer protocol,
    9. Exam #2: Nov. 7th, 9:30am to 10:45am.
    10. Routing, hierarchical routing, IP routing and IP protocol IP Encapsulation, Fragmenation, and Reassembly
    11. Routers, switches, and other network hardware devices,
    12. Local Area Network. IEEE802.x standards,
    13. Network Reliability and Security Issues
    14. Project Presentations.
    15. Review and Summary

      Final Exam